Kurtis Kraft Racer

MONOGRAM 1/24th Kurtis Kraft Racer

by David Freeman



Kurtis Kraft was a designer and builder of race cars.  The company was founded by Frank Kurtis who designed and built midget cars, quartermidgets, sports cars, sprint cars and USAC Championship (Indy) cars.  Kurtis Kraft was started when Kurtis built his own midget chassis in the late 1930’s.  He also built some very low glass-fibre two seater sports cars under his own name in Glendale, California between 1949 and 1955.  Ford (US) running gear was used.  Kurtis Kraft created over 550 ready-to-run midget cars, and 600 kits, as well as 120 Indianapolis 500 cars, including 5 winners in the late 1950’s.  This kit is a representation of one of those Indianapolis roadsters.

The model

The model is the Monogram 1/24th scale Kurtis Kraft Racer kit.  The original kit was first molded in 1956.  The particular kit cannot be dated other than the instructions carrying a copyright 1965 marking.  While originally molded in Yellow, some “licence” was taken (because of display planning) and the model painted in red, with spare decals being used.  As such, the model does not represent any particular car – it is just an example of the mid 50’s cars.

The images