Le Mans Preparation

Joest Racing BLAUPUNKT Porsche 962C's are prepared for the race.

by Dave Freeman


  The two Joest Racing BLAUPUNKT Porsche 962C's are prepared prior to the Le Man's 24 hour race circa 1989.

The Models

Tamiya 1/24th scale Joest Porsche 962C, Hasegawa 1/24th scale Joest Porsche 962C, Tamiya 1/24th scale Rally Mechanics set, Fujimi 1/24th scale Tools set.  Scratch built pit area.


Notes: The vehicles, coming from two different manufacturer's have some minor differences, mainly with interior detail and decals.  They have been used together to create a team atmosphere, and the minor marking differences could be explained away as a method by which the team could tell, almost at a glance, which car is which (note for example the different colours across the top of the windscreens).  The pit area is scratch built from framing foamcore and framing matting, with Overhead Projector slide film for the glass.  Sponsors signage and team "rosters/documents" produced on a laser printer then reduced on a photocopier.

Reference (For pit area design): "The Speed Merchants: A Journey through the World of Motor Racing: 1969-72 by Michael Keyser


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