Group 5 Sports Racing

Two Group 5 (4th generation) racing cars accelerate out of a corner

by Dave Freeman



The two vehicles are (very) old Tamiya products in 1/24th scale – both over 20 years old.  Leading is a highly modified Toyota Celica followed by a BMW

Celica - The German Schnitzer tuning company built the Toyota Celica LB Turbo to compete against the Porsche 935s in the Group 5 category of the World Championship For Manufacturers and also Division 1 of the German national championship (known as the DRM). It was based on the road-going Celica Hatchback 2000 GT model.

BMW - The Group 5 version of the BMW 320, introduced in 1977 as a replacement to the already obsolete BMW 3.0 CSL and became nicknamed as the Flying Brick in reference to the blocky bodyshape, was powered by a Formula 2 engine that was tuned to 300 bhp (220 kW) by BMW Motorsport.  Other than the main factory team and Team McLaren who ran the IMSA operation in the US, the car was notably used by the BMW Junior Team, who had the likes of Manfred Winkelhock, Eddie Cheever, and Marc Surer as drivers.

So, in essence, the two cars shown would never have directly competed against each other.  But after all, that very fact is one of the essences of modelling!!!

The Diorama

Both vehicles are from the (old) Tamiya range in 1/24th scale.  The two vehicles were built individually over 20 years ago (Late 70’s).  Note that the decals on the BMW have perished, so at the back, masking tape cut into thin strips and coloured black has been used to cover some of this deterioration, simulating real world application of “100 MPH” tape to cover slight damage to the vehicles bodywork (just visible in the third pic).

The track in this case is framing mat, with the “racing line” created by a wash of heavily diluted dark grey paint.  The wall is foamcore bent into shape then glued, with the advertising signs being created by scanning logos or downloading the logo’s from the Internet then printing them on a colour printer. (same piece used for the 1976 F1 dio – the cars are merely exiting the corner rather than entering).


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