1/35 German Bundeswehr diorama

by Dave Freeman


Fulda Gap – April 1980.  In response to Soviet troops massing on the border, German units move forward to take up positions near the border.  Here, a  Bundeswehr column moves along a narrow track towards the front.  A Schutzenpanzer Marder leads Falkpanzer Gepard past a reserve unit Leopard 1 that’s has assumed a defensive position purpose built beside the track. Under the trees,  a US Liaison Officer sits on the bonnet of his M151A2 discussing the deployment with the Leopard 1 Commander, while a mix of German and British infantry watch the column move forward.

The Diorama is a fanciful representation of a possible deployment.  The models used (all 1/35th scale) are:

  • Tamiya Leopard 1 (kit MM164)
  • Tamiya Marder (kit 3598)
  • Tamiya Gepard (kit 3599)
  • Tamiya M151A2 (kit 3625)

The base was scratch built using foam core covered with newspaper soaked/covered with watered down white glue then covered with plaster of paris.  Painting was with tamiya paint and grass/foliage from commercial products and the trees (quite old) again commercial products normally used for train/rail dioramas.

The images

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