Beneton B194 F1 Race Car

Revell 1/24 Ford Beneton B194 Formula 1 Racer

by David Freeman



The Benetton B194 was designed by Rory Byrne for the 1994 F1 season. The car was closely based on the previous Benetton B192/3 and powered by a Ford Zetec-RV8 engine (produced by Cosworth but badged as a Ford). The electronic driver aids that had had such an effect on F1 over the previous seasons were banned, so the car had to be redesigned with the new rules in mind. The B194 was a light and nimble car that handled well and was most competitive on twisty tracks unlike the early Williams FW16 which proved difficult to drive thanks to Williams' dependence on electronic driving aids in the previous season.  Michael Schumacher's B194 remained the most competitive car until Williams introduced a B-spec car at the German Grand Prix. 

The kit

Revell Benetton Ford B194 1/25th scale (Kit 07206) built out of the box.


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