M998 Avenger
Anti Aircraft Vehicle

Esci 1/35 M998 Avenger

by John Da Roit



I acquired the very old Esci 1:35 scale M998 Avanger (Avenger) Anti Aircraft Vehicle kit from Modelnerds. For an old kit it had some surprising detail including the actual vehicle manufacturers name stamped out on the tailgate.

This kit is the earlier version of the Avenger, as I have the Italeri kit number 6387 Hummer Avenger and there is very noticeable differences between the two kits and actual vehicles

The build

This was a straight out of the box build with an addition of a radio aerial mount and fibre carbon aerial from the spares box.  This was fixed to the back of stinger missile operator’s cabin. 

I raided another Hummer kit that I had in the stash for a windscreen wiper, and right hand side mirror, as I broke them off during the build.  I am finding that too much handling of the model during a build results in breakages!

I had some difficulty in attaching the roof of the drivers cabin to the tops of the doors and front / rear window, A lot of cursing, lining everything up, rubber bands to hold  and finally I got there!

The model has yet to have a clear flat coat to tie in the camo patterns together.  Tamiya NATO green was used straight from a spray can as the base coat over a white primer and I hand painted the NATO Black and NATO Brown onto the vehicle. 

The kit instructions were photocopied, camo patterns cut out and then attached to the model using blue tack.  This helped in guiding me to paint the camo patterns in some sort of reasonable order.  I am yet to start using an airbrush even thought I was given one as a gift!

The base is MDF stained and vanished with some Easy Work Sand (water soluble ready mixes ground and texture effector), which I brought a long time ago.  I threw some sand colour into the mixture and away I went.  Very rough and ready but I think it does the job.


This was a fun build with some frustrations in getting the roof onto the driver’s cabin. I like the way you can turn the stinger missile system to whatever direction you want it facing.

When I build the Italeri version of the Avenger, I will try and source some operator and driver figures.