Academy 1/35 M113 Zelda, IDF

by John Da Roit



This is the 1/35 IDF M113 Zelda Academy Kit No 1372. I constructed this model last year (2010) and found it be an interesting kit to build due to the effort of drilling out all the holes of the bolted on armour and practising weathering techniques using oil washes and MIG powders.  The drilling out blunted quite a few drill bits!

I detailed the exterior and interior of the “bucket” with extra stowage items from an Verlinden Israeli military vehicle stowage set and figures from an Academy IDF infantry set. The aerials are stretched sprue, the base is made from white packaging foam cut to size and shaped, glued onto a cheap artist’s canvas and covered with a layer of plaster of Paris.  Then painted and weathered.

I got some assistance and encouragement from my model club president, Greg Cutler and club member Peter Pappas during this build.  Beingn a member of a model club certainly helps to improve one’s skills in bringing bits of bland plastic to life.

The image


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