Roger’s Little Ships

Rogers Card Models in 1/72 and 1/44

by Roger Pearson


The following pics are from Bendigo based small warship (Allied Light Coastal Forces 1914 -- 1945) modeller Roger Pearson.

The card models shown are the beginnings of a range of “Allied Light Coastal Forces” models which I will be making for sale. The models will be waterline only, detailed with brass etch and resin parts, painted as accurately as I can, crewed with figures and supplied mounted (yet to be decided how).

The ships

The photo’s below depict the following:

 This picture shows all five models I’ve been ‘tinkering’ with in both 144th and 72nd scales. Some figures can be seen (my models WILL have visible crew figures) and they will also feature some of the excellent available guns in both scales from White Ensign Models and maybe Great Little Ships.


Shows HDML 1285 in 144th scale. The original kit’s parts page under the model is at 1:250 scale so you can see the size difference. WEM’s 20mm single Oerlikon is sitting on the aft coach roof.

This shot is of the Fairmile A class minelayer ML 103 and is sitting on a photo from the excellent Lambert & Ross book “Allied Coastal Forces” vol 1.

Now we get to the larger ‘experiments’ with both of these models being of the St Nazaire HQ ‘little ship’ MGB 314 using CFinP’s kit of MGB 328. The smaller model is to 144th scale shown resting on the 250th scale parts page while the much larger model is to 72nd scale with the mast being scratch-built from photo’s and diagrams in the afore-mentioned book.

These images are the HDML 1285 kit enlarged to 72nd scale resting on a photo of the RAN’s HDML 1347 which my model will be based on.


The predominant scale will be 1:144th with some models available in 72nd scale, actually the choice is yours.

I am also currently ‘playing’ with the Free Polish gunboat in 35th scale, the S-2, also known as the RN’s MGB 44. This boat was a 63 footer and in 1:35th scale comes out at 548.5mm which is just under 1’ 10” long. Now, other models in 35th scale would be a considerable challenge, possibly expensive but not out of the realms of possibility.

Current projects

Current Projects include:

  • Fairmile A and B class Motor Launches (MLs). I have already identified some very subtle differences in the A class and shortly CFinP will release the first of FOUR versions of the B.
  • An anti-submarine version – probably the most common version including those used by the RAN. Then the mine laying version, a torpedo carrying version and the rescue type. These ‘maids of all work’ saw service just about everywhere with quite a large number of differing weapons configurations.
  • Fairmile C MGB – my initial models in both scales will be as the Op Chariot’s MGB 314, the very gallant HQ ‘little ship’ for the raid which, on the way out had some 35+ badly wounded souls aboard and among those on board, no fewer than 11 valour awards were made including three out of the five Victoria Crosses awarded.
  • The Admiralty designed HDML – an early war (1940) and the later 1942 version which the RAN also had and which could be converted to the 80’ variant the RAN had to support the ‘coastwatcher’ organisation. One of these (1321) in particular was armed like a small destroyer!

 All of the above models are produced from the original 1:250 scale kits by “Coastal Forces in Paper” of Germany. I have his (Horst Muerell) permission to utilise his kits for this project.

The Vosper 72’ 6” MTB and I will be experimenting to see if I can do the 70’ versions including MTB 74 of St Nazaire fame. I have a 63’ MGB mentioned earlier and there were a number of different weapons fits for these early to mid-war gunboats.

For USN devotees I can do the Sub Chaser which saw a lot of Pacific theatre action and I’m seriously considering the gunboat (PGM) version, I just need more info, diagrams etc. I also have permission to use the 250 scale SC kit produced by “Paper Lab Publishing” in Canada.  With the SC I can also do the famed “Hitra” from the ‘Shetland Bus’ organisation which was somewhat differently armed to the normal SC and I can also do the 80’ Elco PT Boat.

CFinP has some other small ships in his ‘flotilla’ which could prove interesting and these include the 105’ Motor Minesweeper and a small coastal freighter. Check out the CFinP website at --

 I also have these ships as card models –

  • HMS Campbeltown as modified for the St Nazaire operation;
  • The WW1 Monitor, M15; and
  • The old Australian monitor, HMVS Cerberus.

 Both the monitor and HMVS Cerberus are from kits produced by David Hathaway of “Paper Shipwright” who produces a beautiful range of 1:250 scale card models from the early days of steam.

Possible Future Models include:

  • The Steam Gunboat (SGB) HMS Grey Goose,
  • a Roundtable class minesweeper,
  • a Bangor class minesweeper, and
  • an early war Flower class Corvette/Minesweeper.

This last one could lend itself to conversion to the RAN’s Bathurst class minesweepers.

The above two pics show preliminary test builds of the Fairmile B Escort/Anti-Submarine version by CFinP. This kit will be released in the new year and lends itself to numerous conversions, especially the RAN ones. I will be doing the RANs ML 825 in 72nd scale shortly after I buy the kit.

Regarding all the models mentioned, those available now and in the future I can produce ANY version desired providing I have the necessary info and/or photo’s pertaining to deck layout and the relevant colour scheme. My goal is to produce ready made models in both 144th and 72nd scales. They will be waterline only, mounted on a base and will have visible crew figures. Other models include Fairmile B class MLs, two versions of the US Sub Chaser, including the one used by the 'Shetland Bus' organisation, the 72' 6" Vosper MTB which should lend itself to conversion of the 70' types, British Power Boat co. MGBs, both 70 footers and the shorter 63 foot types and US 80' Elco PT Boats.

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