HDML 1285

Scratchbuilt 1/144 Harbour Defence Motor Launch (HDML) 1285

by Roger Pearson


Serial No
HDML 1285
Ship type
Harbour Defence Motor Launch
Based at
Scratchbuilt 1/144



Thought it high time, actually long overdue that I send some photo's of my 1/144th scale HDML 1285 model.
HDML stands for Harbour Defence Motor Launch, which in reality they were used for much more than just harbour defence. They did quite a lot of anti-submarine, coastal convoy escort work and some were navigation leaders during D-Day. They served in all theatres of WW2 and some almost 500 were built in over 50 boatyards in the UK and other parts of the Commonwealth.
They were quite small, being only 72' in length, displacing around 50 tons, built of wood with diesel engines and had a crew of ten. The RAN had 29 with nine built here in OZ, but that's another story and another model as the Aussie built boats were 80' 3" long and one boat in particular had a most interesting time with the AIB...........as I said another story.

The model

Photo 02 -- shows the inner framework and the illustrated instructions.
11 -- shows the boat almost finished prior to the addition of railings and painting.
41 -- shows the finished model.
63 & 65 -- just another angle.
101 & 109 -- adding an aircraft element, although this combination is not quite right given that '1285' was completed in 1943 and the Mk I Hurricane is 1939 vintage from 1 Sqn RAF in France. I do have another HDML kit showing the 1940 version with much smaller bridge area, so it will match better with the Hurri.

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