HMAS Australia

Combrigs 1/700 HMAS Australia

by Callum MacDonald



This is my build of Combrigs battlecruiser HMAS Australia in 1/700 scale. She will be going on an ocean base with  HMAS Sydney 1 and HMAS Yarra 1 eventually (once they are built). The kit comes with a PE fret for some parts but handrails have to be found from elsewhere, also the masts derricks and boat davits are scratch built but measurement are provided for these in the instructions.

NNT Models do replacement gun barrels and look much better than the kit ones plus the 4inch gun barrels can be replaced as well but I can't remember what brand I used for them.

The rigging is done with UNICaenus 20 den flyfishing line and if you have a few ships in 700 scale to do is well worthgetting some. The twin searchlights are very fiddely and I ended up losing half of them, but NNT also do a set of these if you need more.

The images



I have mainly used the internet these sites being the most useful.

Other info has been sent via email or from having the in progress build of the model on a couple of sites and gaining comments and imput. Proved to be very handy.

For Callum's build log go to the Forum.