Ton Class Minesweeper, HMAS Teal

by Tim Bowen



Tom has sent in some images of the Ton Class Minesweeper, HMAS Teal. The Ton Class minesweeper was used by the RAN from 1962 until the mid - late 1980's. The 'Teal' was sold in 1979. HMAS Teal was involved in at least one action of merit during it's service during the 'Coonfrontation.

"HMAS Teal whilst operating as part of the Singapore Straits patrol on 13th December 1964 was fired upon with automatic weapons by a vessel which then headed for Indonesian waters. Teal returned fire with three Bren guns and two Owen guns and arrested the boat. C.O., Lieutenant Murray was later decorated with the DSC, continued its 'confrontation' and the British organized substantial naval forces to defend Malaysia. RAN destroyers, frigates and minesweepers maintained their patrols. "

The images


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