1/350 Tamiya USS Enterprise

by Andrew George


Here is my USS Enterprise, built OOB, finally finished! I originally went halves with my Dad in late 1995 to buy this, then the hull sat around with the bow screwed on for a couple of years, until I finally got serious about finishing it. So between working on other projects and coming home on annual leave to, among other things, work on the carrier, I finally got it finished, along with Dad’s help.

The kit components

The airwing is all Tamiya aircraft; the decals were a mix of GMM West Coast markings and Pekka Rautajoki’s custom decals that he made himself. Also, Sky Models manufactured the Prowler markings. GMM decals were also used on the ship itself. The markings for my COD bird and Hawkeye’s aren’t correct for the time frame depicted, but I call it poetic licence. Coincidently, these two Sqn’s are now onboard Enterprise as part of CVW-1, so they sort of work! The Sea Knight came courtesy of Corsair Armada, the RIV fire vehicles are from Jim Clark Products, and extra mules were from Memory Lane Models. Reference material was used from globalsecurity.org and also a copy of Airwing Enterprise. Pekka Rautajoki and Kelly Quirk also supplied some good advice during the build.


Finally I’d like to thank Tom Jarrell, John Shork, CDR Patrick Walsh, CMC Christopher Welch and LTJG Jeffrey Millar for their generous patch donations. The remainder was purchased from AV8R Stuff.com.

All in all, it turns out rather nicely once completed, would have liked a hangar deck, but other than that I enjoyed it. I’ll just have to build a Nimitz class to accompany the Enterprise now!

Further images


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