David's daughter and the mammoth

by David Edwards


I thought that AMI readers might like to see an example of how younger modellers can be encouraged to get interested and also how much support Aussie Modellers give each other.

For the past year or two Roger Lambert has been keeping an eye out for kits of prehistoric models that I could build with my daughters.  Included in a batch of several beasties was one wooly mammoth, thanks to the animated movie 'Ice Age" he was an easy favorite.

Wooly was partly (badly) assembled, so we pulled him apart and glued him back together again using super glue gel.  With care, this is an ideal adhesive for younger modellers - enough time to align parts, reasonably quick drying, low odour and very strong. The poor beast was also missing his tusks and ears.  I figured we could make these out of Milliput, but I couldn't find any locally.  Thanks to Haydn Neal picking some up for us at Hannant's in London, we were able to proceed.  Google and our junior encyclopedia provided sufficient references, and we were very happy with the end result. After quite a bit of filling and sanding, we painted his coat with a modelmaster spray can and picked out the details by brush.  A generous dollop of clear parts cement finished off each eye.

We're very proud of the end result, and enjoyed finishing this one.  Picking an interesting subject and using materials that are simple seem to be the key.



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