Matt with his 1/72 Airfix Stuka

by John Loughman


Here are a few pictures of the Bendigo Monday afternoon ' playgroup' in action. Our youngest member of the group Matt, aged 17, produced the Airfix 1/72 stuka. Roger Pearson, Maurie Jorgensen, Jeff Surman, Matt and myself get together each Monday afternoon for a bit of modelling and a tradeoff of each others ideas and modelling techniques. With the exception of young Matt we are all retired . We will all be participating in a modelling demonstration at the Bendigo Collectors Show at the end of August at the Kangaroo Flat Liesure Centre. Incidently, there will also be some American Civil War re-enactors at the Show that weekend.

The Club

The Vietnam Veterans Museum

Here are a few images of models going to the Vietnam Veterans Museum.

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