MINART 1/16 Spartan Hoplite, 5TH Century BC

by Tony Poskus



I'm only new at the assembly game but knew enough to prepare the figure in components and make sure it all fitted before the painting stage with some sanding etc. Nonetheless, I still had some tight fits with the head angle I wanted, and as the piece is top heavy its was challenging (at my skill level) getting it together.

The original model from MinArt looks bland, bloke just standing there‘hurrying up and waiting’. Hence the prolific arrows and the purposeful look over the top of his beaten up shield as he awaits the next wave of Persians.

Arrows are scratch – some small diameter brass and paper for the

The kit comes without a spear although this was a Spartans primary weapon. Bamboo skewer from the kids honey soy chicken sticks, some sprue and the original sword cut down made do.  Hoplites spear is 5cm in diameter so strictly speaking the scale I’ve used is correct but it looks more like a pike than a spear.

Rope inside the shield I found on the Latvian Liverwurst in the fridge
at home. Thanks to the missus for her contribution.

To get the sheen on the lacquered face on the helmets cheeks and the wet blood on the arm wound, I use a tiny amount of Mod Podge from my daughter’s craft stocks. I referenced the box art from MinArt but rather than follow it to the letter and make him look like he was at
mardi gras I’ve toned it down a tad as apparently, Spartans weren’t the ostentatious type.

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