Special Hobby 1/48 Vultee Vengeance, s/n AN709/OB#V, 45 SQN RAF, India 1943

by Dave Wilson


Serial No
AN709 OB*V
A/C type
Vultee Vengeance
Based at
45 SQN RAF Kumbhirgram, India, in October 1943.
Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky scheme
1/48 Special Hobby Vultee Vengeance
Kit instructions



This is my effort with the AZ model Vultee Vengeance. It's built straight out of the box and is waiting for some kindly soul to produce a vacform canopy to represent the gunners sliding section. I've got to say that this kit was a bear to build. My first attempt was thrown away in disgust but being a sucker for punishment I tried again with a new kit. The second effort worked somewhat better as I had an idea of what and what not to do. I also acquired a book on the subject with helped immensely with the undercarriage. I've been and had a look at the Vengeance stored out near Camden which also helped in my task.

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