Tamiya 1/32 scale Spitfire Mk VIII, Temora Aviation Museum

by Peter White


Serial No
A/C type
Spitfire Mk VIII
Based at
Temora Aviation Museum
Tamiya 1/32 scale Spitfire Mk VIII
Darren Mottram aircraft images


Here is my recently completed built as Temora Aviation Museum’s aircraft rather than a wartime example of WGCDR Gibbs late war mount.

I used some of the Barracuda cockpit accessories including the cockpit entry door but left off the “pick handle” as it is not always in place on the door. If I can find a LIMITED decal I will add it to the door. The gunsight was omitted, as per Temora’s aircraft and the horizontal pad above the instrument panel added in its place. Main wheels are also from Barracuda.

It was painted with my Iwata HP-C airbrush and Modelmaster paints. Gloss coat is Long Life floor polish with a final coat of Future.

I only left off the port side cowling to show some engine detail, but the starboard side shows the full outline of the aircraft.

Some silvering of the kit supplied decals occurred after application especially between the registration letters so I carefully used a sharp blade to cut out and lift off the silvered sections before applying the final coat of Future. The kit decals were very fragile which is evident by the machine gun port protectors being split by just my gentle handling of the model.

Model photographed using my Canon 7D shot at 1/30 and F16 with a sheet as the background. I also used a sheet of aluminium foil atop the flash to disperse some of the shadows.

Thanks to Darren Mottram for sharing his sensational aircraft photos which I used as reference material.




Overall I am happy with my work on this magnificent kit of a magnificent aircraft that I am pleased to have on my shelf and share on your website.