Lockheed 5 Vega DL-1A

1/48 Lockheed Vega VH-UVK "Puck"

by Wally Civitico


Serial No
VH-UVK (A42-1)
A/C type
Lockheed 5 Vega DL-1A
Scheme Red on white
Bought by Horrie Miller in the UK as G-ABGK to contest the 1934 England to Australia air race it failed to complete the race and was shipped to Australia and reregistered as VH-UVK flying with MacRobertson Miller Airlines (circa 1941) until impressed into RAAF service (1942) and flew with 24, 33 Squadrons and 3 Communications Unit until 1944 when it was sold for scrap in October 1945. It logged a total of 46 flying hours.
1/48 AMT Vega "Puck"
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