Fairey Battle

1/72 Airfix Fairey Battle R3928, No 1 Bombing and Gunnery School, located at Evans head, NSW, 29 September 1941

by Richard Stacey


Serial No


A/C type

Fairey Battle Mk1

Based at

No 1 Bombing and Gunnery School


Foilage Green and Earth Brown uppers, yellow and black underneath


1/72 Airfix kit





This is the Airfix 1/72 Fairey Battle kit. The only modifications that I did were to the rudder, prop and mudguards although I know there is much more that could be done. The aircraft was a trainer at Evans Head NSW and the story goes that as aircraft N2255 took off a wheel fell of and not having a radio they had no way to tell the pilot so they quickly painted the message on to R3928 and chased after N2255 to warn the pilot. I gather all ended well. Anyway I made the decals which as far as I can see are accurate. I enjoy making unusual subjects such as this.

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