Series Two A14 Tugan Gannet


Upon disbandment of the RAAF Experimental Station in 1930, Wing Commander Lawrence Wackett left the Service and designed the twin-engined Codock airliner for Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith. Tested in April 1934, the Codock was the forerunner of the Gannet, which was Wackett's seventh aircraft design. The first two RAAF aircraft were produced by the Tugan Aircraft Co, and were officially designated LJW7 Gannets. This company was subsequently absorbed into CAC, and from 1936 the aircraft became known as Wackett Gannets.

The first Gannet temporarily carried the serial A4-1, which was the number later allocated to the first Avro Anson. Furthermore, although the RAAF Gannets were serialled from A14-1 to A14-7, it is believed that two of these aircraft were renumbered, thus only five Gannets were in service. The first Gannet was received in November 1935, and until 1941 the Gannets operated with photographic and survey units. As from A14-3, Gannets appeared with inset auxiliary fins for improved rudder and aileron control. Early in 1942, the remaining Gannets were converted to air ambulances and operated with the newly-formed No 2 Ambulance Unit.

In 1940, A14-7 was fitted with Menasco B65 engines and was temporarily designated a LJW 7A Gannet, until the Gipsy Six engines were reinstalled. The Gannets disappeared from the RAAF scene when the last two aircraft, A14-3 and A14-7, were converted to components on 21 February 1946.

TECHNICAL DATA: Wackett Gannet
DESCRIPTION: Twin-engined photographic, survey, and ambulance monoplane which accommodated a pilot and six passengers.
POWER PLANT: Two 200 hp DH Gipsy Six.
DIMENSIONS: Span 15.85 m (52ft); length 10.51 m (34ft 6in); height 3.50 m (11ft 6in).
WEIGHTS: Empty 1470 kg; loaded 2449 kg.
PERFORMANCE: Max speed 241 km/h (130 kt); Initial climb 259 m (850 ft)/min; Ceiling 17,000ft (5181 m); Range 885 km (478 nm).

Information courtesy of the RAAF Museum website.

The models


Model by
Raúl José and Santiago Hrubisko



Model by
Raúl José and Santiago Hrubisko



Model by
Raúl José and Santiago Hrubisko

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