1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 1a, 65 Squadron RAF, August 1940, F/Lt Gordon Olive DFC

by Tony Mollica


I’ve an interest in building aircraft operated by other air arms that were flown by Australians.  When I came across the decals for this Spitfire on PD Decals sheet 48-015 I was naturally tempted to do another Tamiya Spitfire. Unfortunately, the only reference I’ve found for it is the profile on the decal instruction sheet. I think there is also a profile in ‘A Few of the Few’, but I don’t have this book. Since I’d committed to building it, I’ve broken my own golden rule of always having a photo of the aircraft I’m modelling. I know that an autobiography called ‘Devil on your Six’ was published after Gordon Olive’s death, and am hopeful that there are some photos in it.

Gordon Olive took a short service commission with the RAF in 1937, and went on to fly Spitfires with 65 Squadron during the Battle of Britain, before becoming commanding officer of 456 Squadron, RAAF. I’d like to also model some of the aircraft he flew with 456, as well as any he flew in the RAF prior to getting a Spitfire. I guess there’s a bit more digging to be done prior to completing this plan.

Products Used:




Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1a



PD Decals

Decal Sheet 48-015



  • PD Decals Instruction sheet, except as seen below.

Additional Notes:

  • This model is completed with the addition of seatbelts.

  • Aerial wires have been added.

  • The kit exhausts and gun barrels were drilled out.

  • Squadron codes and serials are from the PD Decals sheet. All other decals were from the Tamiya kit.

  • The camouflage pattern is the so-called ‘A’ scheme, as depicted in the Tamiya kit instructions.


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