1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIVe, 453 Squadron, Germany, 1945


by Tony Mollica



This is the 2nd model I’ve built in my ‘Aircraft of 453 Squadron’ theme, primarily because Red Roo issued the decals at a convenient time, and I had a photograph of the actual aircraft handy. I really dislike building models where I don’t have a photograph of the actual aircraft I’m depicting. The Spitfire XIV was also the last aircraft type used operationally by 453 Squadron before it was disbanded in 1946.
I started with the Academy kit, which I thought was quite adequate, although a little inaccurate. As usual I felt compelled to do something to it, so I replaced the rudder, prop blades and cockpit with parts from a couple of detail sets that are available. The extra work done is listed here.

  • I replaced cockpit interior with KMC update set

  • I flattened the kit tyres

  • The kit exhausts and gun barrels were drilled out

  • I removed kit rudder and replaced with corrected rudder from Hi-Tech Set

  • I replaced kit propeller blades with items from the Hi-Tech set

  • I added ID lights to the wingtips

  • I removed camera window from upper rear fuselage

This model has been painted to represent Spitfire FR XIV FU-D serial TZ141, as shown in the photograph on page 14 of ‘Spitfire – The Anzacs ‘.

Products Used:




Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIVe

KMC 48-021

Update Set

Hi-Tech 48040

Spitfire XIV Superdetail set

Red Roo RRM4820

Spitfire Mk XIVe TZ141 FU-D Decal Sheet




  • Spitfire – The Anzacs. Malcolm Laird & Steve Mackenzie. Ventura Publications, ISBN 0-9583594-1-5

  • Spitfire in Action, Jerry Scutts, Squadron/Signal Publications, ISBN 0-89747-092-3

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