1/144 Peters Planes Spitfire Mk XIVe TZ164 OI*A

by Roberto Masukawa


Serial No
TZ164, code OI*A
A/C type
Spitfire Mk.XIVe
Based at
2 Sqn 2nd TAF based in Germany 1948-1949
Natural Metal
1/144 Peters Planes Spitfire Mk XIVe
SAM publications, Modellers Datafile No:5 "The Supermarine
Spitfire Part 2: Griffon-Powered" and Model Alliance [On Target Profiles No:08] "Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires in Worldwide service".



To build the kit I washed it with detergent, sanding the model with fine abrasive sponge then polishing with very fine 'fingers nail rubber'. I used Mr.Surfacer 1000 as a primer then tamiya X-2 black as an undercoat, SNJ liquid + powder, polishing, future, Alclad white aluminium coat and in some areas future, masking and then Alclad Magnesium in cowling and over guns areas. Then more Future and finally I used sakura ink drawing 005 pen in the panel lines and removed the excess with cotton. Then decals, Future again (only the first coat of future was a little heavy, all follow coats are very, very light).

I used Decadry which is that dry transfers letters (old thing in a era without printers). I transferred the letters over a clear decal film, letter by letter, number after number, and do a light coat of varnish to seal before I put the decal film in water and use as normal decal. The Roundels came from an Xtradecal Hawker Hunter decal sheet (the nicely printed roundels determined the version I chose).

The resin solid canopy was useful to handle the canopy when painting. To cut the canopy I used the newest tamiya cutter I have and made two2 cuts in each side of canopy and finish cutting with a fresh Gillete blade. Any excess from the cutting was sanded off using a U shaped file. I then used Future on the canopy. After the fit was close I used the solid resin canopy plug (included with kit) and glued a sprue at base, I make marks of canopy frames in this solid canopy and cut frontal frames (tamiya masking tape) and cover the clear canopy with Parafilm.

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