Westland Wyvern

Trumpeter 1/48th Wyvern S4 Late version, Ford NAS, Sussex, UK

by Graham Mahoney


Serial No
WL-1679 (278)
A/C type
Westland Wyvern S4
Based at
Ford Naval Air Station, 813 Sqn Fleet Air Arm, Sussex, England
Extra Dark Sea Grey uppers over Sky sides and lower surfaces, with a red and white spinner and a caricature of Dennis the Menace along with some teeth on the under fuselage fuel tank
Belonging to 813 Sqn Fleet Air Arm just prior to the unit’s last deployment in 1958 on the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle. Significant feats of the Wyvern include being the largest and most powerful single engined prop driven plane ever used by the Fleet Air Arm, and also the first plane from which a pilot ejected underwater (and he survived to tell the tale).

Trumpeter 1/48th Wyvern S4 Late version built completely out of the box using kit decals.

Significant achievements of this model include Best Trumpeter model at Model Expo 2010 and Best of Show at Wings 2010

Include the 4+ Westland Wyvern book and trusty ol’ Google


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