1/48 Monogram P-61 Blackwidow

by John Loughman


Serial No
A/C type
P-61 'Blackwidow'
Based at
1/48 Monogram P-61



This is my build of the Black Widow. Inspired mainly by the Hyperscale forum over the past weeks on the virtues of the Great Wall and the Monogram kits. It went together without much trouble after a lot of dry fitting, found a few strips of Evergreen covered a slight gap in the wing to boom join and the main canopy piece had another strip of Evergreen added underneath to raise it up to the level of the top of the fuselage. By detaling the nose radar, it did not leave enough room for weight to balance it, so glued a short piece of wire to the rear hatch to do this. For an old kit, it has stood the test of time, even with slightly raised panel lines and no resin or etch.


The images




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