RAN Seaking

1/48 Hasegawa RAN Seaking 'Great White Shark'

by Sean Lomas


Boy was this a project and a half, from start to finish (I'm sure I still need to do things to it) Its been about a year on and off.

The kit

When I started it I thought this is is easy as I carved the side door off. I scratch built the interior, you have to be crazy to do that. In this Sea King its not just seats, hey they are tough but fairly straight forward, its all the consoles and dials! I used the eduard Interior set to get the front sorted out and just had to improvise for the rear. It still amazes me that nobody has ever thought to produce an interior set (cobra company??) To alter the US Sea King to the Australian version I used both the Airwaves set and the Hawkeye Models set. A few of the other modifications are:

a. The side sponsons are Airwaves owing to the better finish of them
b. The radome on top of the helicopter is Hawkeye Models version owing to the better shape and height.
c. The rotor blades had to be altered to the correct pattern and I used an Airwaves set for this and loads of sanding!

The painting well you can guess IGA Grey, white and a blue that I cannot remember but it was Humbrol. The Hawkeye decal sheet (now available through model alliance as well) had great templates that really helped to get the flags line in place. The decals went on well but the amount of bad language I used to get the Union flag portion of the markings into place is best left unsaid! All in all it was tough but the end result is the best thing (in my opinion) I've ever made. It would be a great show piece but unfortuantely I have no idea where it is, I think, hope, its on a ship nearing Australia.


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