1/48 Airfix FA.2 Sea Harrier

Airfix 1/48 FA.2 Sea Harrier

© by Sean Lomas


This is one of my most favourite models that I have ever built, after it was built ;-) It's the Airfix kit (awful) with the flightpath set (mindboggling) and a Neomega cockpit (incredible and great value too). The decals are the 800 NAS decomissioning scheme by 'Model Alliance' and really create a different look to a great aircraft. Usually I don't do showbirds but this had to be a change and has inspired me to finally start on that 1/48 Aussie Hornet, you know the scheme, I've already changed it from a C to an A version (all the A's seem to have vanished!)

© Sean Lomas


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