Supermarine Seafire 1B

Tamiya (conversion) 1/48 Seafire Mk 1b RN air station at Mombasa in late 44

by J.D. King


Serial No


A/C type

Seafire 1b

Based at

RN Air Section, Port Reitz Mombasa in late 44


Station Hack HMS Kipanga II


Rather non-standard seafire scheme


Kit is the Tamiya Spitfire Vb converted to Seafire 1b using the airwaves conversion. Decals are from the spares or Ventura’s ‘numbers’ series.


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Here is Tamiyas excellent spitfire Vb converted to a Seafire 1b using the simple Airwaves resin and PE conversion. The marking are for a Squadron hack at a RN air station at Mombasa in late 44. The standout scheme is achieved with Tamiya acrylics, some SEA comd roundels from an old academy P-47 and the RN and serial from Ventura’s numbers sheets.