1/48 Monogram RAAF OSU2 Kingfisher

by J.D. King


A labour of love here and probably one of the most expensive projects I have ever completed.  The base kit is the Monogram 1:48 offering.  It took about 9 months of searching to find someone willing to part with this kit from their stash and in the end I probably paid a little too much for it, but hey most hobbies are money pits. To this kit I added the cutting edge updates for the cowling, cockpit and floats.  All of these items are superbly crafted items and turn what could be a bit of a dog into something much better.  The kit was completely rescribed and an engines and things resin power plant was added to the cutting edge cowl.  A squadron vac canopy was used to finish the build.  Humbrol enamels provide the paint, Aussie Decals the national markings and the codes and sprayed using home made stencils.  I very much enjoyed this build as it tested every skill I have and forced me to develop a few new ones.  Unfortunately the photos do not do it justice, more work required in this area.

The kit


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