A28 Vultee Vengeance

AZ Models 1/48 Vultee Vengeance, A27-228 25 SQN RAAF, Guildford 1944

by David Harvey


Serial No


A/C type

Vultee Vengeance Mk IIa

Based at

25 SQN RAAF, Guildford, 1944


Foilage Green, Earth Brown and RAAF Sky Blue


1/48 AZ Models


Internet, kit instructions and emails




This is the AZ Models Vultee Vengeance built almost completely out of the box. The modifications include:

  • Putting in mounting points for the cockpit floor to strengthen it.
  • Rebuilt tail wheel assembly. The kit provides the parts but they are too short or ill formed to use. I used some plastic rod pinned with wire to form the assembly.
  • Antenna wires. I used EZ Line sourced from Red Roo Models to do the antenna. The mount on the fuselage was some plastic strut from Aeroclub(?) that was trimmed and shaped to resemble the original item.
  • Building up the cockpit lip on the front of the canopy to allow the canopy to sit correctly. There is now replacement canopies from Red Roo and Pete's Hangar that can replace the original thick canopy. I masked the canopy for painting with Tamiya tape.
  • Replacing the kit machine guns with a spare .50 cal BHMG from a 1/48 B-24 as the kit ones were poorly shaped and looked wrong. The mount was adjusted to suit the BHMG.
  • Detailing the engine with wire to resemble the original.
  • Pinning all antenna and pitot with wire to give it strength.

This kit involved a fair amount of work including copious amounts of clean up of joints and filing/sanding to make parts fit. The kit instructions are also not complete as they do not mention a number of parts that are needed for the model, for example the vent in front of the bomb bay is not mentioned but is included on the sprue. There are a number of areas that need replacing to make a much better kit, these include:

  • Propellor - available from Ultracast.
  • Engine
  • Cockpit - some elements have been addressed by AZ Models with their PE set.
  • Undercarriage - including all legs, tyres and undercarriage doors. Some elements have been address by AZ Models with their PE set.
  • Canopy - Red Roo and Pete's Hangar



I used a combination of Humbrol Hu98 Chocolate for the Dark Earth, Hu 149 for the Foilage Green and Pollyscale RAAF Sky Blue for the undersides. Once dry I sealed them with Pledge 'One Go' prior to applying the decals.

Once all decals were dry I sealed them with One Go again then used a thin wash of Humbrol matt black to highlight the panel lines. I roughly followed the panel lines then wiped the excess of with a Chux dipped in turps that was wiped from front to rear to give the impression of it going with the airflow. I then sealed it all with Mr Color matt varnish.


The main undercarriage was painted and then fixed to the aircraft after drilling out the holes in the wing. This could benefit from pinning if possible as it is a bit wobbly. The tail wheel required rebuilding as it was too short and badly formed. The wheels bear a passing resemblance to the original and require work to make them look good.


This is the only currently available kit of the Vengeance and as such is all we have to work with. With the use of modelling skill and hard work it can be made to look a very good looking (and big) model as it is a good basis for making a Vultee Vengeance. It does not fall together and requires fitting of all components to make sure they fit properly.

Kit sourced from Red Roo models via my wallet.