Pegasus 1/48 Spitfire Mk 1, X4817, BP-C, 457 Squadron RAAF, Jurby, Isle of Man, September 1941

by David Harvey


Serial No
A/C type
Spitfire Mk1
Based at
457 SQN RAAF, Jurby Isle of Man
RAF Dark Green, Ocean Grey and Medium Sea Grey with Sky spinner and fuselage band
1/48 Pegasus Spitfire Mk1 with Red Roo Decals
Decal instructions



Some time ago I was after a quick build in an attempt to get out of a modelling rut. I had seen the Pegasus models kits that had a minimum number of parts and looked good when built, I splashed out around $18 for the kit and I beleive it was worth it. As I wanted to continue my RAAF theme I chose to use some Red Roo Decals (as reviewed HERE).

The kit went together relatively easy with a bit of sanding that was made difficult by the very hard plastic that was used in the kit. The detail was soft in a number of areas but since the idea of the model is for beginners I didn't feel that this was a big drawback for it.

Apart from the Red Roo Decals the only addition to the kit was an aftermarket antenna as none was provided in the kit. I had problems of silvering with the decals but that was from me not varnishing the surface enough or more likely not putting the decal down in a puddle of One Go to minimize the chance of silvering.




Whilst my intention of having a quick build wasn't achieved I still managed to add a RAAF Spitfire to the collection for a reasonable cost.