Hobbyboss 1/48 MIG-17 PFU Fresco 'E'

by David Harvey


Serial No

Red 17

A/C type

MIF-17 PFU Fresco 'E'

Based at





All over silver.


1/48 Hobbyboss MIG-17 PFU Fresco 'E'


Kit instructions and internet for details.



I have been in a bit of a rut recently and needed something that would be quick and easy to build. On a visit to Aeroworks I saw the Hobbyboss Mig-17 and thought it might be the kit to build as it looked simple and was a single colour so I didn't have to worry about camouflaging it and the joys that entailed.

While the kit wasn't as quick a build as I thought it would be it still went faster than most of my builds and I tried some new paints out on it while building.

For the build log on the Forum go HERE.

The Images