Hellcat Mk 1

1/48 Eduard Hellcat Mk 1, s/n FN373 'J',
1839 NAS, Eglington Dec 1943

by David Harvey


Serial No

FN373 'J'

A/C type

F6F-3 /

Based at

1839 NAS, Eglington Dec 1943




US equivalents of FAA colours - ANA603 Sea Grey, ANA613 Olive Drab and ANA610 Sky.


1/48 Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat kit with Xtradecals markings.


Xtradecals instruction sheet.



This kit is the Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 kit I made out of the box with only the decals being aftermarket to make an FAA Hellcat Mk1. It went together quite easily and quickly and turned in to a bigger model than I was actually expecting it to.

The images


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