TBM-1C Avenger

TBM-1C Avenger, JZ257/373 'P',
849 NAS HMS Victoria 1945

by David Harvey


Serial No

JZ257 / 373 'P'

A/C type

TBM-1C Grumman Avenger (Tarpon)

Based at

849 NAS HMS Victorious, BPF, Jan 1945




FAA scheme in US colours of ANA610/ANA603 uppers and ANA610 Sky underneath


1/48 Italeri TBF-1C Avenger with Xtradecals X48-104 markings and Eduard cockpit update PE set.


Decal instructions and internet



I have had an interest in the Avenger for a very long time now and stockpiled four or so of the Accurate Miniatures kits and one of the repops from Italeri. I started this one in 2014 and stuffed up the internals so it sat on the 'shelf of doom' for a long time until I finally worked out what I did wrong and recommenced it.

The kit is a combination of the Italeri repop of the Accurate Miniatures kit, Eduard cockpit pre coloured PE set and Xtradecals markings.

The images


Build log

For the build log go to the link HERE.