1/72 Hasegawa Mariner 297 climbs out for an Op GATEWAY patrol

by David Freeman








11 Squadron, RAAF Base Butterworth (detachment), Early 1980’s


Two tone white and grey


1/72 Hasegawa kit built OOB.  Markings as per kit


International Air Power Review (AIRtime Publishing) Volume  16 – Air Power Analysis – Australasia

The kit is the 1/72nd Hasegawa kit, and is somewhere around 20 years old.  The model was being built OOB but never finished before being packed away and carted all over Australia on several air force postings.  During these moves the props were broken off (well – most of them – I only found 9) and the gear damaged.  So, the gear was removed, the bird “cleaned up” and finally re-painted and finished.  Because of the gear damage, the model is shown airborne, mounted on a home made base.  With the damaged props and an airborne display, and alternative had to be found.  Shown her is what is probably an interim fix only.  Prop and spinner diameter was measured and circular pieces of overhead projector acetate cut to size, with the centre then cut out so-as to slide the disc over the spinner.  Final fix is planned to be some old CD cases (if it’s thin enough) to be cut into similar discs and mounted in place of the acetate shown here.

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