1/72 Revell A-20C Boston

Images by David Edwards

David has an interesting story to tell about this model. At a recent Bayonet Club show, David started talking to a middle aged gentleman, this gentleman turned out to be a Vietnam Veteran and had served with 6RAR. He had been admiring the Club display of RAAF aircraft and mentioned that he had tried to build a model of Bill Newton's Boston, but due to ill health and the resultant muscle tremors he had been unable to finish it.

David subsequently picked up the incomplete Revell Boston, sanded it back, replaced the missing parts and repainted it. Rod Spooner donated some Esci RAAF Boston decals and David managed to use the artwork and serials.'=

The gentleman was very pleased with the end result, and it now has the pride of place in his display cabinet.

Well done David.



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