Kamov Ka-50 'HOKUM'

by Andrew Doppel


The Kamov Ka-50 is Russia's new generation heavily armed attack helicopter.  It has twin coaxial contra-rotating rotors.  It is used by the Russian forces for close support duties much like the Australian Army's Tiger.  However, the 'Hokum' is unusual in its field, in that it is designed as a single seater.  Power units, cockpit and rotors are heavily armoured, in addition to which it is the first helicopter to have an ejector seat.  Maximum speed is 350 kph, armament is one 30mm cannon on the starboard side, two rocket canisters and up to 16 anti-tank guided missiles.

Besides the rotor mounting which I didn't read correctly and had to rectify later, this is a superb well fitting kit to build with plenty of detail.  It has two different schemes, that of Company Demonstrator 'Werewolf' or the one I chose of Company Demonstrator 'Black Shark'.

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