1/72 Esci Air Tasmania DC-3

by Wally Civitico


Serial No
A/C type
Air Tasmania, Hobart (Circa July 1973)
Significance/History:  This aircraft has a significant history including operating with 36 Squadron in 1944 from Parafield, S.A. to being with Mac Robertson-Miller Airlines to being painted in USAF scheme for the movie 'Sky Pirates'.  As of 2007 is was believed to be at Bankstown Airport in a poor condition.  Full history of this aircraft here - http://www.aussieairliners.org/dc-3/vh-mmf/vhmmf.html
Kit: 1/72 Esci with Resin Nose conversion...(wish I hadn't bothered with this) otherwise OOB except no decals available (again).. the fuselage cheat line was going to be problematic as well..after the VH-TAK work this decal project was comparatively simple.  Paints-Alclad and Tamiya Gloss White
Ben Dannecker who asked me to build him an Air Tas DC-3 after having seen my VH-TAK build.  Ben wanted her "wheels up" and is going to make his own stand


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