1/48 Monogram C-47 A65-102, Base Flight RAAF Pearce, 1973

by Wally Civitico


This is A65-102 as she was in 1973, deployed to Base Flight Pearce, one of two Dakotas tasked with SAR. The other Dak was A65-91, she was a hangar queen and rarely flew. 102 on the other hand had a bit of character with the word "Momma" painted in small script under the cockpit window on the port side. Having spent some 3 and a half years at Pearce during that period I had a fondness for this aircraft having flown to Rottnest in it. Back then I modelled it (badly) with a 1/72 Airfix kit and hand painted tail badge, I think I gave it away to a WAAF before I left Pearce.

The kit is 1/48 Monogram built straight from the box (except a few aerial differences) with all decals but for the national markings being
home made. When I started this one I had a picture in my mind's eye as to how it was going to look with a Silver Dope finish. The model master aluminium paint did not come out the same way as it had done previously. It was a sunday so I was unable to buy more paint.. so I did a bit of a mix  with model master paints I had available which after spraying turned out to be more NMF than anything else! In despair I pressed on and found after a "wash" and spray with a semi flat clear it actually came out ok... I love it and its a keeper.

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