Desert Sharks

by Noel Barnes


Desert Sharks - I came across a great black and white image of these 112 squadron kittyhawks and desperately wanted to paint them up in colour. I put brush to canvas and this is the result. It is done in oils on stretched canvas. The image size is 900x600mm. It was a great project to get my teeth into (no pun intended). It will be for sale at the Cunderdin Easter Airshow coming up in Western Australia at the end of this month. Looking forward to some feedback

P-40 Mk 1 CV-O of 3 SQN RAAF

P-40 Mk 1 CV-O of 3 SQN RAAF

This picture is  P-40 MkI - CV-O, serial AK 961. It was flown in the Western Desert by No3 Sqd around 1942. The nose art is "Snifter", a popular cartoon character of the time.  He is seen unrinating on the Africa Corps emblem. This artwork is all hand done (no computers here) with aribrush and fine brush work.

CA-13 Boomerang

CA-13 Boomerang, QE-A "Phooey" of 4 SQN RAAF

This image is taken from an airbrushed illustration done on Illustration board. It is the CA-13 Boomerang, QE-A - "Phooey" of No 4 Squadron, RAAF. Flown by Flight Officer Ian Pedersen, Labaun, North Borneo, 1945. The aricraft made a forced landing at the Awar airstrip, Hansa Bay, New Guinea in February of 1945. It eventually crach landed on the 29th of July 1945.

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